IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 57 Issue 1

Vol. 57, Issue 1, 2020, Israel Journal of psychiatry

לצפייה במגזין לחץ/י על התמונה:

Editorial: “Black swan” times
Rael Strous

Peace of Mind for Israeli Combat Veterans: A Pilot Study
Danny Brom, Alon Weltman, Anna Harwood-Gross and Ruth Pat-Horenczyk

Suicidal Tendencies, Meaning in Life, Family Support, and Social Engagement of the Elderly Residing in the Community and in Institutional Settings
Keren Cohen-Louck and Yael Aviad-Wilchek

Risk-Taking Behavior Mediates Injury in Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Idit Dekel, Jonathan Kushnir, Martin Efron, Ehud Mekori-Domachevsky, Mariela Mosheva and Doron Gothelf

Shift Work and Women
Tuğçe Toker Uğurlu, Osman Özdel Erhan Uğurlu and Neşe Dursunoğlu

Viewpoint: The Future of Psychiatry: From Whence it Came to a Brighter Future, Focus on Israel
Anatoly Kreinin

Viewpoint: Borderline Personality Disorder – Light at the End of the Tunnel!
Ahmed Naguy

Case Report: Ethical Considerations Regarding Involuntary Hospitalization During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Ishai Nir, Niv Gold, Tarif Bader and Ariel Ben Yehuda

Case Report: Pharmacotherapy and EMDR Psychotherapy as an Effective Treatment for OCD Imagery in a Patient with a Psychotic Disorder
David Potik, Fidaa Moghrabi and Shaul Schreiber

Prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among 255 Patients in Three Israeli Methadone Clinics
Sol Jaworowski, Joseph Mergui, Jean-Louis Golmard, Naomi Fine, Tali Alfassi, David Gur Lavy, Cornelius Gropp and Paola Roska


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