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Israeli Association of Pediatric Pulmonology (IAPP) - March 2019 | Special CF Day With Dr. Preston Campbell, CEO, CF Foundation

חיפ"פ ירושלים: יום CF עם דר' פרסטון קמפבל, מנכ"ל איגוד CF | הדסה, ירושלים | מרץ 2019

ריאות (אילוסטרציה)
ריאות (אילוסטרציה)

Effect of Endocannabinoids on Pseudomonas and Candida Biofilms, Doron Steinberg

Novel Classes of Broad-Spectrum Drugs to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Dr. Alona Keren-Paz

Are They Really as Distressed as We Think, Dr. Edwina Landau

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Female Infertility in CF, Dr. Michal Shteinberg

Nasal Potential Difference and Intestinal Current Measurement -The Israeli Experience, Dr. Michael Wilschanski

The CFF Pipeline, Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Therapies for CF, Dr. Preston Campbell

Anti-Sense-Oligonucleotide Based Therapy for CF Patients Carrying Rare Mutations, Dr. Batsheva Kerem

Patients With CF and Normal Pulmonary Function - Not So Mild Disease, Dr. Malena Cohen-Cymberknoh

The Structure and Dynamics of Wild Type and Mutant CFTR as Gleaned from Molecular Simulations, Dr. Hanoch Senderowitz

The Israeli CF Database - Dr. Meir Mei-Zahav

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