IAPP, Southern, October 2015, Conference Program

Tidal breathing analysis as indicator of expiratory airway obstruction in infants, Dr. Avigdor Hevroni

Tuberculosis In Children, Haim Bibi

Clinical Score Validation in Acute Bronchiolitis, Dr. Inbal Golan-Tripto

Comparative Analysis of viral Load in RSV Bronchiolitis, Inbal Golan Tripto

Echinococcal Infection, Dr. Shalom Ben Shimol

Echinococcus Case, Dr. Haaled Elasad

Non Tuberculous Mycobacteria Pneumonia, Dr. Alina Abenshtein and Dr Haim Bibi

Role of Orexinin Abnormal Sleep and Growth Retardation Induced by Upper Airway Obstruction in Rats, Ariel Tarasiuk

September Asthma

RSV and Respiratory Bacteria - Which Comes First, Prof. David Greenberg MD