IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 52, issue 3

Vol. 52, Issue 3, 2015, Israel Journal of psychiatry

An editor’s farewell and thanks

Editorial: Vision and appreciation: The passing of the baton
Rael Strous p. 5

Associations Between Cognitive Function, Schizophrenic Symptoms, and Functional Outcome in Early-onset Schizophrenia With and Without a Familial Burden of Psychosisa
Beata Hintze and Alina Borkowska p.6-13

Identification of Emotional Distress Among Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers by Primary Care Physicians: A Brief Report
Michal Dick and Ido Lurie p. 14-19

Medical Clowning and Psychosis: A Case Report and Theoretical Review
Alex Grube and Pesach Lichtenberg p. 20-23

How Do Meaning in Life and Positive Affect Relate to Adaptation to Stress? The Case of Firefighters Following the Mount Carmel Forest Fire
Amit Shrira, Dov Shmotkin, Yuval Palgi, Yechiel Soffer, Yaira Hamama Raz, Patricia Tal-Katz, Menachem Ben-Ezra
and Charles C. Benight p. 24-26

The Israeli-Polish Mental Health Association: Its History and Activities
Jacek Bomba p. 27-32

The Fate of Polish Psychiatry under German Occupation in World War II
Friedrich Leidinge and Andrzej Cechnicki 33-37

The Effectiveness of Early Group Intervention for Military Reserves Soldiers: The Role of the Repressive Coping Style
Yael Shoval-Zuckerman, Rachel Dekel, Zahava Solomonand Ofir Levi p. 38-48

Psychiatric Symptoms and Quality of Life in Military Personnel Deployed Abroad
Taner Öznur, Süleyman Akarsu, Murat Erdem, Murat Durusu, MD,4 Mehmet Toygar, Yavuz Poyrazoglu, Ümit Kaldirim, Mehmet Eryilmaz and Kamil Nahit Ozmenler p. 49-54

Cardiovascular Fitness and Neurocognitive Performance among Older Adults in the Maintenance Stage of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Yael Netz, Tzvi Dwolatzky, Abid Khaskia and Ayelet Dunsky p. 55-64

Effectiveness of Aerobic Exercise as an Augmentation Therapy for Inpatients with Major Depressive Disorder: A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial
Tal Shachar-Malach, Rena Cooper Kazaz, Naama Constantini, Tzuri Lifschytz and Bernard Lerer p. 65-71

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