IJP: Israel Journal of Psychiatry: Vol' 52, issue 2

Vol. 52, Issue 2, 2015, Israel Journal of psychiatry

Editorial: Contemporary Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis
Bitya Friedman and Pesach Lichtenberg p. 78-80

Academic-Industry Partnerships in Alcohol and Gambling
Dan J. Stein, MD, PhD p. 81-84

Depression, Risk Factors for Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Incidence in a Large U.S. Sample
James E. Gangwisch, PhD, Raz Gross, MD, and Dolores Malaspina, MD p. 85-91

Psychopathology and its Early Impact on Parenting Behaviors in Mothers
Miri Keren, MD, and Sam Tyano, MD p. 92-99

Severe Internalizing and Disruptive Disorders from Preschool into Adolescence
Sara Spitzer, MD, Ornit Freudenstein, PhD, Miriam Peskin, MD, Sam Tyano, MD, Assaf Shrira, BA, Tova Pearlson, MA,
Aviad Eilam, PhD, Gil Zalsman, MD, Tamar Green, MD, and Doron Gothelf, MD p. 100-106

Dual Evaluation/Intervention Program for Morbidly Obese Adolescents
Silvana Fennig, MD, Anat Brunstein-Klomek, MD, Ariel Sasson, MD, Irit Halifa Kurtzman, MSc, RD,
and Arie Hadas, MD p. 107-113

Dental Health and the Type of Antipsychotic Treatment
Alexander Grinshpoon, MD, PhD, MHA, Shlomo P. Zusman, MD, Abraham Weizman, MD, and Alexander M. Ponizovsky, MD, PhD p. 114-118

Psychiatric Disorders and Dental Health in Jerusalem
Rena Cooper-Kazaz, MD, Dan H. Levy, DMD, Avraham Zini, PhD, DMD, MPH, and Harold D. Sgan-Cohen, DMD, MPH p. 119-120

HCR-20 Scale for Assessing Risk of Violent Behavior
David Ivgi, MD, Arie Bauer, MD, LLB, Razek Khawaled, RN, Paola Rosca, MD, MPP, Joshua M. Weiss, PhD, and Alexander M. Ponizovsky, MD, PhD p. 121-128

Negative and Positive Automatic thoughts in Social Anxiety Disorder
Iulian Iancu, MD, Ehud Bodner, PhD, Samia Joubran, MEd, Yelena Lupinsky, MD, and Damian Barenboim, MA p. 129-136

Voluntary Departure of Family Physicians from their Workplace
Yuval Shorer, MD, Aya Biderman, MD, Stanley Rabin, PhD, Aharon Karni, MD, Ayelet Levi, MD, and Andre Matalon, MD p. 137-144

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