דר' שאולי לב-רן - התמכרות לניקוטין וכלים להפסקת עישון בקרב אנשים שסובלים מהפרעות פסיכיאטריות

Partially covered by the Health basket

Health basket inclusion: Champix will be given to the treatment of smoking cessation parallel to supportive means. TABS: 55 x 0.5 mg, 56 x 1 mg; starter pack: 11 x 0.5 mg + 14, 28 x 1 mg. Days 1 – 3: 0.5 mg ×1/d. Days 4– 7: 0.5 mg ×2/d. Day 8 – end of tmt.: 1 mg ×2/d. Pts. should be treated with Varenicline for 12 wks. For pts. who have successf. stopped smok. at the end of 12 wks., an addit. course of 12 wks. tmt. with Varenicline is recomm. to further incr. the likelihood of long-term abstinence. Pts. with ren. impair. No dosage adjust. is necessary for pts. with mild- moder. renal impair. For pts. with sev. renal impair. (estimated CrCl <30 mL/min), the recomm. start. dose of Varenicline is 0.5 mg ×1/d. The dose may then be titrated as needed to a max. dose of 0.5 mg×2/d. For  pts. with end-stage renal dis. underg. hemodialysis, a max. dose of 0.5 mg mg×/d may be admin. if toler. Aid to smoking cessat. for adults over 18 yrs. C/I: Not to pts. under 18 yrs., hypersens.

נושאים קשורים:  6min,  התמכרות לניקוטין,  הפרעות פסיכיאטריות,  תחליפי ניקוטין,  שאולי לב-רן